Crypto.com withdrawals
This guide will walk you through withdrawing USDC to Polymarket using Crypto.com. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 USDC. If you would like to withdraw less, we recommend using the Peer-to-Peer method.


Withdrawing funds from Polymarket to Crypto.com is free. If you want to move their funds from the Crypto.com app, please note the following restrictions:
USDC Withdrawals
Bank Withdrawals
Withdrawal Minimum
$100 USD
(or $100 USD equiv.)
Processing Time
5-10 minutes
3-5 days

Visual Guide

1) Head to polymarket.com/profile, select Withdraw, and select Initiate Withdrawal.
2) Open the crypto.com and select Transfer -> Deposit -> Crypto -> search up USDC.
3) Select the Polygon tab and copy the address below.
4) Head back to Polymarket, paste the address, and enter the amount of USDC you want to withdraw. USDC withdrawals from Polymarket to Crypto.com are free, but USDC withdrawals from Crypto.com are $25.
5) Once the withdrawal is successful, you will receive your funds in a few minutes!

Withdrawing out of Crypto.com

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