Monitoring positions

Individual Positions

There are two ways to monitor your positions and their market performance:
1) View all your positions in the "Portfolio" tab of the navigation bar.
2) View individual positions on each market page.


  • Outcome: The outcome share that you’ve purchased. If this proves true, you win $1/share.
  • Price: Avg | Cur.: The average price paid per share and the current market price.
  • P/L: $ | %: Your profit or loss on the position in USDC and percentages.
  • Quantity: The number of outcome shares you own.
  • Value: Init. | Cur.: The total value of your initial and current position.
  • Max. Payout: The maximum amount of USDC you can win.

Total Positions

You can view your total positions on both the "Markets" and "Portfolio" pages.


  • Portfolio Value: The total market value of all your positions and cash balance.
  • Open Positions: The market value of all your positions.
  • Cash: Your account’s cash balance.
  • Why can I not see a position in my portfolio?
  • Why is my average price is different than the price I originally purchased the shares?
  • What are my shares worth if I hold them until the market is resolved?