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Do I have to pay a fee to make a transaction?

Every transaction incurs a fee paid out directly to liquidity providers (LPs) because facilitating transactions in a market requires liquidity. More liquidity in a market reduces slippage for users when they purchase shares. Without liquidity, there would be significant price slippage. Polymarket does not charge fees for trading.

How do I decide whether to buy shares?

The price of a share corresponds to the probability of an outcome occurring. If a “Yes” share on an event is trading at $0.60, then the market believes the probability of that event occurring is 60%. If you believe that there is a greater than 60% chance of that event occurring, then it may be a good time to buy. This is because the market is underestimating what you think will happen.

I've changed my mind about a transaction. Can I sell my shares?

You can buy and sell shares at any time before the market resolves. If you have shares that have risen in value since you bought them, you can cash them out for a profit. If you wait until the market resolves, "Yes" shares will be worth $1 if the event occurs and "No" shares will be worth $0. The opposite is true if the event does not occur.

When does a market close?

A market closes within 3 days of the resolution criteria have been met. This can be based on a date or a specific event occurring or not occurring. Market topics use an external source to verify the correct resolution. If the market outcome is ambiguous, the market will be resolved at the sole discretion of the Markets Integrity Committee (MIC). For more information on what happens after a market closes, see the “Market Resolution” section below.

What are my shares worth if I hold them until the market is resolved?

When the market resolves, correct shares are worth $1.00 while incorrect shares are worth nothing. If you have shares on the correct outcome, visit the market page to redeem your winnings. Redeeming shares does not incur the liquidity fee.

Can I own both ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ shares for a market at the same time?

You can own “Yes” shares and “No” shares in the same market. Holding 1 “Yes” share and 1 “No” share is equivalent to having $1.00 (minus trading fees). As a result, Polymarket allows you to merge these shares back into USDC.

I received an error when I submitted my transaction. What do I do?

First, try increasing the slippage, which can be found by clicking the cog icon in the buy/sell widget. If the issue persists, please try buying/selling less than "max". If the issue persists, please contact us on Intercom or Discord.

Can I set my own gas when submitting a transaction?

MetaMask users can set and pay their own gas by visiting the preferences page and turning on the Custom Gas toggle. In order for this feature to work, the parent MetaMask account must own enough $MATIC to submit a transaction.
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